• Essays in love, Alain de Botton (1993),  p. 152-154: “We hence proceed by abbreviation, we take the dominant feature [of a tree, of an emotional state] and label as the whole something that is only a part. Similarly, the story we tell of an event remains a segment of the totality the moment comprised; as soon as the moment is narrated, it loses its multiplicity and ambivalence in the name of abstracted meaning and authorial intent. The story embodies the poverty of the remembered moment. Chloe and I lived a love story stretching over an expanse of time during which my feelings moved so far across the emotional scale that to talk of being simply in love seems a brutal foreshortening of events. Pressed for time and eager to simplify, we are forced to narrate and remember things by ellipsis, or we would be overwhelmed by both our ambivalence and our instability.”.
  • Averroès dans ‘Averroès ou le secrétaire du diable’, Gilbert Sinoué (2017), p. 136 : “La nature, nous le savons, ne dispense pas ses bienfaits également et à tous. C’est ainsi que certains font des raisonnements purement primaires: Il y a un rôdeur, c’est donc un voleur.


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